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BostonGene is an intelligent biomedical software platform that assists physicians in determining accurate immunological and targeted treatments, personalized for every patient. The BostonGene platform consists of the following core components: The BostonGene Knowledge Base is a comprehensive repository of the latest diagnostic information, predictive and prognostic biomarkers, and details on the latest immunotherapies, including cancer vaccines, checkpoint blockades, cell-based therapies (CAR T-Cell, NK and others), bi-specific and tri-specific molecular engagers, PRR-agonists, cytokines and oncolytic viruses. This is the vital foundation for determining effective treatments for your patients. The Knowledge Base is continually updated using BostonGene machine-learning algorithms that search for the newest biomedical and immunotherapy information from across the globe. This information is then validated by our team of MDs and PhDs to ensure that you get the highest quality data for guiding treatment decisions.
United States, Waltham, MA, USA, Lincoln, MA, USA
Founded in 2015
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