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BioFluidica Inc
BioFluidica Inc

BioFluidica is bringing to market a novel solution for Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) analysis. CTCs are an exciting new cancer biomarker that can be secured from a simple blood draw and used to manage a variety of cancer-related diseases. CTCs can be used to determine a patient's response to therapy, which therapy is best for a particular patient (personalized medicine) and disease recurrence. BioFluidica, with funding from the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute) and a global diagnostic company (Roche), has developed a technology platform for processing whole blood and searching for CTCs with high recovery, throughput and purity creating new paradigms for CTC use in cancer disease management. With the high sensitivity of BioFluidica's platform, the potential for early detection of cancer from a blood draw is possible. BioFluidica's new technology will allow researchers and clinicians to better track disease progression and develop personalized therapies for those suffering from a variety of cancer-related diseases. Our system architecture detects and counts extremely rare CTCs from whole blood in a dramatically faster, less expensive and more accurate fashion compared to other CTC tests. We are developing molecular analysis technologies that can be seamlessly integrated to our CTC capture chip to provide the research and medical communities with all the necessary elements for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
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